What is this Geste?

IMG_1400Many summer days, after lunch, my grandmother would coax my sister and I to be quiet for a bit. “Sit down, relax, and listen to some records,” she’d say. But she didn’t mean rock & roll vinyl. She wanted us to listen to “the stories.” They were dramatized fables, poems and folklore on LPs. And to this day I have many of them memorized–word for word, sound effect for sound effect. The stories were a beautiful part of my childhood and I’m convinced that they are part the reason I love adventure, travel and of course, storytelling myself. While radio drama and comedy is still vital (and brilliant) on the BBC, it’s exciting to have more venues, like podcasts, to access radio plays. And I’m most excited to showcase the craft of writers, actors and directors who are true artists, and just need more outlets to tell their stories. So sit down, relax and listen to them. I hope Geste inspires you to find the adventures in your life too.

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