A Knock on the Door

Thank you Scranton Fringe Festival and Coalwork for a great weekend in PA, performing, A Knock on the Door, October 2 – 4, 2015.  Recordings of the shows created will be available soon.

Thank you also to HB Studio for the donation of a cool vintage radio to for our show.  HB Studio is a great place to train and keep up your skills. Please do check them out, if you are an experienced actor or a novice:    http://hbstudio.org/

A Knock on the Door is Geste’s improvised radio play with live sound effects. Audience suggestions guide the actors and live Foley artist to create a different, brand-new, never heard or spoken before, radio play, each performance.

To bring A Knock on the Door to your venue or party, email us at gestecast@gmail.com

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