This is the world premiere of  A Knock on the Door, an improvised radio drama experiment.

This play is the first of our three improvised radio dramas, created and performed live at Coalwork in Scranton, Pennsylvania as part of the the Scranton Fringe Festival. This first show, recorded live on October 2, 2015 features:

Actors: Nick Fondulis, Tara Gadomski and Caitlin Johnston

Live Foley Artist and Mandolin Player: Robert A K Gonyo

MC: Eleanor Gwyn-Jones

Audience: the awesome people of Scranton, Pennsylvania!

As per audience suggestion, this is the teaser for our show:

Ladder impresario Mrs. French and her trusted assistant, Henry,  find themselves at a crossroads in the company’s growth.  As they hatch plans to expand the business to non-ladder products, a legal dispute from abroad sends them into a tailspin.  What will happen to French Ladders if they can’t call themselves French? And is Henry really as dedicated to the company as he claims?  Find out more in this improvised corporate dramedy by Geste.

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