IMG_0315Max and Renee seem like a perfect match. They are both smart, silly and pretend they don’t work out that much.  But while connecting over a blind-date, vegan dinner, they find a major divide. All Max wants to talk about it film, and Renee just cannot.  But what is behind Max’s obsession with moving pictures? And why is Renee so frightened?  Movie Date is a romantic comedy that isn’t afraid to admit it.

Written by Tara Gadomski.

Starring Joseph Melendez and Tara Gadomski and featuring David Neal Levin. Recorded by Robert Gonyo. Directed by Illana Stein


Most of our sound effects we create ourselves. But we also rely on some wonderful producers of sound effects who generously license their art under Creative Commons agreements. Here’s a list of those used in Movie Date:

Procession of the King by Kevin MacLeod ( 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Record Scratch by luffy

Beeps by ThompsonMan

Fireworks Display Intense 009 and Six Bursts of Laughter From a Group


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